Five Amazing Vacuum Cleaners

Pets are lovely so are the children but they constantly play around the home therefore making it dirty. Children will run around throwing pillows and other stuff at each other. All this happens when they have come directly from outdoors therefore carrying with them dirt and dust.

Pets too make a mess around the home when playing therefore resulting in pet hair, dander, fur, skin and feathers which are constant source of dirt, dust and allergens. Combined with the occasional spills from wine and coffee, the house usually looks like a mess and cleaning becomes a tedious chore.

Thanks to technology, home owners have the opportunity of purchasing vacuum cleaners which helps to clean the mess in the home. The question is which vacuum cleaner is the right one for you?

amazing vacuum cleaner

Below are 5 amazing vacuum cleaners you need to know about.


Miele Dynamic Cat and Dog Upright vacuum cleaner

The vacuum cleaner is designed with a thin body and easy to swivel sweeper which are very essential especially when cleaning under the furniture. Thanks to the swivel neck fitted on the vacuum, it is able to easily glide along borders especially when they curve therefore ensuring that no spec is left behind.

The vacuum cleaner is suitable for all floor types, thanks to the unique electro brush which is designed to follow the contours of the floor. With the controls right at the handle, it becomes easy to switch from carpet to floor very easily.

The vacuum has a compartment where attachments such as a dusting brush, upholstery tool and crevice nozzle are stored making it convenient for the user to switch. The air filter is perfect and the dust bag locks instantly when removed from the machine.


Dyson DC65 Upright vacuum cleaner

The cleaner is designed to glide easily along the corners and in crevices thanks to its ball technology. It is lighter, its bagless and the ‘root cyclone technology’ fitted into it allows it to spin air therefore sucking dust. Due to this, it whirls around inside the plastic bin therefore allowing you to view how much pet hair and dirt the cleaner has picked up.

It comes with a washable HEPA filter which is very convenient and effective as it is certified to be asthma friendly. The cleaner has a long extra extension with a beater bar which can be used to clean upholstery, pet beds and other items that collect pet hair.


Panasonic Canister Vacuum cleaner

The Panasonic canister vacuum cleaner comes fitted with several power settings that enable the user to either choose high performance level in order to suck up dirt and dust. The power of the vacuum cleaner is powerful making it an imperfect tool to clean upholstery with soft fabrics since it could damage the cushions.

The cleaner is perfect for cleaning floors, operates a 12 amp motor, has a two motor system which is effective at cleaning. It has easy to reach power on/off switch and is fitted with OptiFlow technology that ensures a consistent airflow. The HEPA filter captures all dirt and pet hair while the thermal protector protects the device from over heating.


Bissell SpotClean Pro vacuum cleaner

The vacuum cleaner is designed to be portable and lightweight therefore making it perfect for cleaning different areas. The cleaner cleans small messes from pets as well accidental spills. The vacuum cleaner does not have wheels but its light weight design allows one to carry from one place to another.

It is perfect for cleaning in the house and even the outdoors especially if you have a car. It has a good suction power and longer power cord.


Sebo Airbelt Canister vacuum cleaner

The cleaner has an LED indicator that allows the user to visually monitor suction level and a 3 step filtration system for better cleaning. It has a 1.5 gallon filter bag and an indicator to alert you when the bag is becoming full.

The cord is 40 foot long therefore providing a cleaning radius of 50 feet and it can be retracted by pressing a button. The 4 casters rotate to make the machine stable while the wheels have rubber to prevent damage to floors.

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Canister Vacuum Cleaners 101 – Everything You Need To Know About Canister Vacuum Cleaners


At one time, just about everyone used canister vacuum cleaners. However, in the recent times, these canister vacuums are being looked down as difficult to work with and unwieldy devices due to the emergence of lightweight and reasonably priced upright vacuums. However, a canister model can prove to be quite ideal if a very expansive house with stairs needs to be cleaned and a lot surface needs to be covered. A canister vacuum model will also prove to be useful for those who pets because surfaces like drapes, furniture and upholstery where pet hair might have collected can be conveniently cleaned.

Bagless vacuum models that have a motor, a canister with wheels under it and a host attached to it, are known as canister vacuum cleaners. This means that the whole vacuum does not have to be maneuvered with every stroke when using it to clean a surface. A canister vacuum model can be used quite easily, especially by those who have back problems or find vacuum a hectic task. Another trait that makes canister vacuum models ideal is that they can be conveniently maneuvered around chairs, in small places and under beds. The vacuuming head of canister vacuum is much smaller, so small places can be easily accessed.
Canister vacuum cleaners have been in and out of fashion from time to time. Upright vacuums gained a lot more popularity than canister models during the 70s. However, as heavy-duty upright models began emerging in the market, they were also difficult to maneuver and canister vacuums once again became the preferred choice because they were easier to use. New canister vacuum models continue appearing in the market, and some of the latest technology is incorporated in these new canister models that make them even more convenient than before.

Canister vacuum cleaners can be used anywhere in the house and even in vehicles as well, but these vacuum cleaners are particular ideal for vacuuming stairs. Maneuvering an upright vacuum cleaner when cleaning stairs is almost impossible since they are so heavy and therefore, the stairs cannot be properly cleaned with these vacuum cleaners. Canister vacuum models, however, can be set down on the landing while each step is vacuumed using the small wand. Even the corners of the steps can be conveniently accessed using these vacuum cleaners, and users will not have to worry about the vacuum falling down.

Most people are under the misconception that canister vacuums are costlier than upright models. However, the truth is not only are canister models much more beneficial than upright models, but are usually available at a similar price or even cheaper. While there are numerous canister vacuum models in the market, however, the most popular ones include:

dirt-devil-082700-9-lDirt Devil Vision Turbo Canister Vacuum

– Eureka Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum

– Hoover MultiCyclonic Canister

Thus, there are quite a lot of choices when it comes to canister vacuum models, however, people should select one that is right for them, their family and their household. Overall, canister vacuum cleaners make an excellent choice for the modern users of today.

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Top 5 Best Vacuum Cleaners on the Market 

Since their inception vacuum cleaners have long been known to handle any arduous task that may have in mind; from cleaning dirty floors to tidying any other surfaces in your homes. In the current market, vacuum cleaners come in various designs and specifications to meet your growing needs. From the ones which employ bagged technology to the ones that don’t, to the upright and cylinder type cleaners. You have a wide range of amazing specifications that you can choose and sum up to get your ultimate vacuum cleaner.

1126.jpg-smallerStarting you up on this list, there is the Sebo Rosso which in today’s market goes for up to £260. The reason that this vacuum cleaner tops the list apart from its impeccable, slim and scarlet red outlook is its tremendous cleaning power. Additionally it is light enough that it glides over your surfaces (carpets, wooden floors) easily without you applying great mechanical effort to it. Its seamless blend of technical design is flawless in every sense of the word. It is an upright type vacuum cleaner and this coupled with its flexible neck makes it easier to steer around objects or any of your home furnishings while you are cleaning. Finally, its L-shaped head makes it ideal for cleaning any corner and edge of your house surface.

Hoover-9Secondly you have the Hoover Unplugged which in the current market goes for £170. Unlike your run in the mill cleaner, this one comes with a whole lot of goodies including the turbo function which gives maximum workability when this function is on. It doesn’t fail to surprise the technical and trendy kind of consumer for it is cordless in design but generally, in spite of these gizmos it still guarantees prime performance when it comes to vacuuming. However, it has a downside in that it is quite clunky when it comes to maneuverability hence making it a taxing task when it comes to cleaning in such areas as stair cases.

2Z9A4563Next in line you have the Dyson DC50 which costs roughly at £370. Like the 1st two cleaners it also has something unique to offer. Long story short, it is upright in design, light as a feather weighing an average of 5.4kgs. Moreover, it has a tremendous maneuverability all credit owing to a ball in which it is mounted on. Thanks to this feature the Dyson DC50 can clean both long pile and short pile carpets and wooden floors fabulously. Its head employs a self-adjusting mechanism which keeps a constant suction rate while getting in to the tightest of corners and edges of your house.

When it comes to a safe and eco-friendly vacuuming machine, no other cleaner does it better than the Panasonic MC-UL712 which goes at a fair £250. It is an upright vacuum cleaner which also is lightweight and bagless. Its eco-friendly functionality serves best for consumers who have allergies thanks to its technology which ensures that your living space is well free of micro-particles and its powerful motor eliminates even the most of stubborn dirt.

Finally there is the GTech AirRAM which goes well for £199. This has the unique combination of the specifications of both an upright and a cylinder cleaner in that it has the power of an upright cleaner which couples with the technology of a light-weight and cordless one. It sucks up dirt from the floor surfaces effortlessly and compacts it in to bales which you can later discard them.

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Choosing A Vacuum Cleaner

VacuumCleanerBG_hero (1)

Cleaning our homes ought to be a vital part of our day by day schedules. We can’t go without doing this errand as regularly as we can in light of the fact that we can fall sick or create conditions that are bad for our health. This is the reason we ought to dependably make it a point to utilize the best devices we can so that to make our homes as viable as possible. One of the devices we ought to invest in is a vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaners let us remove dust and other dry, strong dirt around the house in a convenient manner.

You see vacuum cleaners publicized all over the place. Each maker claims that there’s is the best. One claims that their filters don’t clog, one say theirs is the lightest, another is commercial quality and look that one can pick up a bowling ball. So how would you settle on your decision? Do you simply purchase the most costly one that you can find?

choosing_the_right_vacuum_cleaner_for_your_home_muris_kuloglija_kula_580x435To begin with, check the engine. The vacuum engine is obviously a vital piece of the vacuum. It is additionally the most confusing part. Numerous makers will state the amp draw of the engine. This doesn’t essentially measure the power of the vacuum but rather the measure of electrical amps that it uses. On the off chance that you can find data on the air watts or horsepower of the engine, you will get a better idea of the power of the engine. If you can find that data, pick the one with the most high air wattage or drive.

Next check the brush. It should have a metal bump that lifts and isolates the carpet fibers so that your vacuum is more effective. It is a vital piece of your vacuum. Additionally verify that the brush has some sort of height adjustment so that you can tune it to your carpet type. It can either be an automatic or manual modification.

The vacuum’s filtration framework is additionally essential. Verify that it has a HEPA filter. The HEPA filter filters fine particles out of the vacuums exhaust so that you won’t be re-tainting your air and floor covering. Additionally take a look at the dust collection framework. Does it utilize bags or a removable container? Pick the one that you feel most great with. Bags can be badly designed but cups can be a bit chaotic.

housekeeping-cleaning the floorIn conclusion, decide how easy the vacuum is to utilize. The vacuum is no great in the event that you never utilize it. Verify it has the attachments you need and that they are easy to change. Additionally take a look at how heavy the vacuum cleaner is. You don’t need one that is too light and fragile yet you presumably would prefer not to drag an eighty pound behemoth around either.

There are numerous things to consider when picking a vacuum cleaner. Windows replacement Winnipeg is not one of them, not in this case. Keep in mind that an expensive vacuum cleaner doesn’t always mean the best one. If you double check the reviews, ratings, rankings and opinions of different vacuum cleaners, you can likely find a $200 vacuum that executes as well or even better as that costs $1000 one.

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